We are a future forward “not-organization” – decentralized, opinionated, self-funded, global, virtue signaling, Bollywood & Cardi B listening, & kitten rearing.

The future is now – and so we defining ourselves by the work and the effort that you can see and use. Telling you about the PhDs involved (more than 5 less than 200), academics (same), consultants (again) and tech folk (5-15) is fun but how does it serve your outcomes? We offer you concrete support for excellence as a leader – and we are organized to serve at fantastic scale and depth, dissolving sunk costs and legacy encumbrances. All of us live and work and play in a joyous future – where we the right choices are good choices, where economics and values are friends, and technology is a good friend and relationships thrive.

Billion better leaders – This is our first stopping point. Our near future has a billion plus leaders who are making better decisions, kinder, & more effective.

We are agnostic to the work, education and intersectional diversity of all us. We are all able to be better leaders now – we can all improve. And when we are better leaders, we all do better work, have more fun, create better words, and are able to celebrate possibilities. Critically we focus on leadership from an integrative perspective – economics, values, behaviors, and a range of outcomes all matter. So people who optimize on any one dimension are not adequate to the challenge of our times – we need multi-dimensional leaders. Once we have helped the first billion leaders, we will work as that future organization to check on next steps.

We learnt by working with diverse groups – Fortune 1-50 firms, global giants, National government agencies, chicken farmers, NGOs, First nations, rural groups

We learnt a few truths that made us sad, then mad and then led to this offering approach. We learnt that most of us know “what to do” to develop leaders. And yet, we refuse to value the work in terms of investing the right mix of time and people. One CEO of a Global 10 firm decided that the answer was his personal mentoring of 10 people! Ten! Another CEO of a F100 firm was happy to invest money – but struggled with investing his senior leaders’ time. On the other end, in an isolate community in the frozen north of the Americas, they struggled to find 5 people to be future leaders and put all the pressure on 2 young high potentials.

The ways we teach people – adults, children, animals – are just terrible and need to change

The teaching systems today are ghastly – with some notable exceptions and experiments. We are joining this global movement of people saying we need to learn and teach differently. For us this means, getting away from the pain and suffering school of learning, avoiding “banking education” as critiqued by Freire, and the clicks economy of consumer social media – and focusing on joy, ambient learning, and mutuality in relationships.

We do not have courses -

One specific way to avoid the old destructive learning models is to learn differently. We focus on relationships – and this includes the relationship between person and knowledge. People can learn at their pace – and it is our duty to energize the desire to learn, tom offer support and insight, to offer knowledge and context, and to help people succeed – we do not bully people. We cherish accountability = and if you see us sliding from accountability to bullying – please call us out – we are learning with you.

We focus on “how to be a leader” with real outcomes

We know what leadership looks like – and we know what works. All of us know what works – there are no secrets – and we share this knowledge freely here. We also curate many good knowledge pieces that offer a use friendly approach or a deep technical dive so people can learn in ways that are meaning ful to them. What we focus on and use all our copious brains and heart power on is practice. The key to becoming a better leader is to practice key behaviors consistently, add context specific insights and knowledge, and generate differentiated outcomes. This is our focus and we invite you to sign up for the ongoing conversation.

We secure your personal information and data.

We protect your information and data as rigorously as we protect our own. We inventory and classify user information we hold to help ensure legal compliance. We implement controls and document information flows for the critical, user, or legally protected information. We use independent third parties to conduct vulnerability scanning and penetration testing regularly.