We are all busy – so let us cut to the chase

We know we need more leaders at all levels – we can use 5x the number of good leaders we have now.

76% of CEOs said that their growth plans are in peril because of a lack of leaders. And all the recent talk about talent loss – when we treat people well, we do not really have a problem. And yet, the pandemic made the best plans and talent struggle. It is time to take the reins again

We want our teams to do a few simple things

  • Take responsibility and initiative
  • Willingness to be flexible, agile, and adaptable to change.
  • Be smart about being aggressive
  • Talk and connect like grown-ups –
    • Stop bringing silly fights and arguments to me
  • Help solve problems outside our department without too much fuss

Don’t waste my money - I am happy to invest

We spend so much money on our people – we pride ourselves on doing great stuff – and yet! And yet! This digital learning is all very well but I am not sure it is working for many. I see the numbers they give me – and I know what I feel! There is a disconnect here. We need better answers. I am excited to invest in digital and on talent – especially now, after COVID! We need to get smarter about people with results

Source: Conference-board

So, how does this work?

The app builds daily small practices in ways that actually improve productivity and connect to purpose. It enables new conversations – and you can add people from cross functional teams to each pod. This is not a “big bang” or a “quick win” – small consistent steps over 12 months build the right habits and skills in your teams. And at less than $100 per person per year, you get positive value in 2 months, and over 1000% ROI in 6 months (increased retention, better decisions, lower inter-personal strife). The app has your logo, can be customized to your values and strategies, can take your messages to people, and offers a 21st century experience for your talent.

Source: Conference-board