A dynamic flywheel for leaders

The interactions of these four elements accelerate the growth or leaders – and increase the impact of strategies and practices


CEOs, CHROs, and Statistics built this flywheel in the real world

  • 25 years of research and working with CEOs on developing leaders drove us to the flywheel for growing leaders –
  • First we had idiosyncratic research on the internal depths of CEOs and executive leaders –personal growth labs in India, the US, and extended to multiple societies
  • Second we looked at the leadership models of over 200 MNEs globally – and found some key elements in common – they seem to be artifact of modern organizing
  • A friend developed a psychometric that been used with 15,000 Executives, and over 2,000 CEOs of firms of all sizes – and they support the 4 elements of the flywheel
  • And finally, we developed leadership models and development programs for leaders of national champions and leading global firms to make sure these work

The three elements of the flywheel that drive performance and success


First off leaders energize people – they inspire, they evoke courage, they shape the future This can only happen in relationship – in 1-on-1s, in teams, and across organizations thus engaging people(and bots) in building culture And it all comes together in getting things done – it is amazing how difficult it is to get the right things done – and this gives executives the “permission to lead”

The accelerator for the flywheel that creates real value and growth

  • Ennobling ourselves and each other is a fundamental human imperative- we all want to be better
  • There is always a human tendency to be defensive (I was right) or be tactical (this shortcut will work) and sometimes it leads to external success
  • Real leaders create value and part of this is by growing their internal abilities and values
  • Wisdom traditions, neuroscience and psychology all offer data driven pathways to be happier and more successful

The four elements work together in our approach to help leaders grow

Work changes as we become better and happier – and we can create real value for our organizations, our communities, and the planet