We know what works for developing leaders

What works

Leveraging personal experiences

Building relationships

Increasing happiness

Changing behaviors

Becoming optimistic

Practice new ways of work

What dosen’t work

Lectures and books

Send to a course

Do an standard online course

Group coaching / mentoring

Assessments without support

Work on emotions

Work on values

How it Works

Development for every leader

Digital + Neuroscience + Wisdom + Well being

  • Selective deep dives depending on your preferences and style

  • Daily practices and nudges that build well being and leadership skills

  • Build expertise and personal brand through creative and engaging snippets

  • Connect and support friends and family to the best leadership support possible

  • Micro-breaks that increase productivity

  • Strategic gamification, NFTs, micro-credentials and growth

  • Hosted by a delicious app that is fun to use and easy to share from

Your Success, Our Programs

Leadership is entwined with all of our life - our programs skilfully invite you to learn and practice at your own pace, building capabilities that make you happier and all your relationships stronger, while driving a focus on results and performance. In every program, you get an always on support app, great short exercises, support for friends and family to join you, team and network building, and very cool content to inspire and engage.

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Success Through Unity

Leaders are successful when they strategically unite what less skillful people polarize. Bad ideas are very popular and destroy value every day – our approach is to show how integrating incomplete ideas makes all of us stronger and happier . See how possibly polarizing ideas are great complements – and explore the research powering value.